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Sep 8, 2020

Elise grew up in Newcastle and moved away in 1999 to study Chemistry at Oxford. She then worked in London a big four accountancy firm in corporate finance (where she met her husband Nick, who is from Gosport in Hampshire) whilst there she did a couple of wine related qualifications at the WSET but was always drawn to winemaking (and its chemistry!). After their first son Max was born, she quit her job and studied a PGDip at Plumpton College, afterwards she worked as the assistant winemaker in their commercial winery.


They moved the family back up to Gateshead in 2017 (to be near family) and set up Laneberg Wine whilst pregnant with their second son Reuben. 


Laneberg Wine is the UK’s most Northerly commercial winery, and has so far produced two vintages, from grapes sourced exclusively from English vineyards.


Ian & Elise discuss;

  • Studying Chemistry at Oxford
  • Where her interest in wine came from
  • How she discovered she could pursue wine-making as a career
  • Careers that come from wine tasting
  • Making use of her degree from working in Finance
  • Starting to create the winery
  • Aspects of growing grapes
  • Process of creating the wine
  • Why do we get hangovers?
  • Winery Tours


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