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Jun 30, 2016

Emma Kaye is the founder and CEO of Bozza Media, a digital-distribution platform that enables artists across Africa to connect with their fans, with locally relevant content online. Emma was nominated as the first African to sit on the board of the Mobile Entertainment Forum. She was also the first African to...

Jun 25, 2016

World Poetry Slam champion Harry Baker published his debut anthology The Sunshine Kid with Burning Eye in December 2014. The subsequent show of the same name was voted best spoken word show of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

Full time poet/adventurer Harry has had his work shared on and viewed millions of...

Jun 14, 2016

Hayley Quinn is the UK's leading Dating Expert and has helped 100,000's of men and women find love... or at least a great first date.

A graduate in English and Psychoanalysis from UCL Hayley set up her own company as a reaction to encountering the 'pick up artist' culture and working as a ghost writer for characters...

Jun 10, 2016

Stephanie Mulac & Ian Farrar discuss Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs feeling they need to 'do it all themselves' Don't BURN out!

Author, speaker, and Intuitive Life Coach, Stephanie Mulac has been a facilitator for 1000s of people worldwide in guiding them to manifest the life of their dreams and lead an...