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Ian Farrar your host & founder.

Feb 16, 2017

Geoff gives his open and honest answers to fans questions through a Q & A session.


  • The SSFC Masterplan
  • The Managers 
  • The crowd figures
  • The future of Mariners Park
  • The fans
  • Business sponsorship

Feb 16, 2017

Ian chats with Executive Chairman of Energy Consultancy Utilitywise and Chairman at South Shields Football Club Geoff Thompson.

Geoff gives us a frank and honest view of a the business journey.

Ian and Geoff Discuss:-

  • Founding Utilitywise
  • Start ups
  • Getting the proof of concept and business model working
  • Scaling...

Feb 8, 2017


A self-described geek who can recite entire episodes of “South Park” by heart, Rachel Parker has had a passion for content ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon (purple, please).

Throughout her 20-year marketing career — five of those at one of Houston’s largest advertising agencies — Parker has...

Feb 1, 2017

Nick Snapp is an entrepreneur who uses project management and continuous improvement methodology in coaching overwhelmed entrepreneurs to remove bottlenecks, save time and increase profitability. He is obsessed about helping entrepreneurs uncover their "game-changer,” the one activity that will deliver the greatest...