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Sep 2, 2020

Dr Russell Thackeray works with leaders and their organisations to achieve enhanced performance and results.  By aligning culture, leadership and people, he can spark, design and embed change that creates organisational resilience. The result is a reduction of personal 'drama' and an increase in mental and emotional personal resilience. Improvement and accountability of process, relationships, finances and systems is achieved, as is a reduction in burnout for both the organisation and the individual.

Dr Thackeray has an interesting and colourful background and can draw on his experiences in the Arts, working as a professional musician in London’s West End, and as an entrepreneur, consultant, CEO, NED, Operations Manager and investor. This breadth of experience of business and life is utilised in his fast paced, impactful and engaging workshops and presentations as well as in the strategies and skills he delivers to improve performance and deliver change.

Ian & Russell discuss;

  • What is resilience?
  • The concept of ‘bouncing forward’
  • How hypnotherapy dovetail into the corporate world
  • How to overcome burnout
  • Importance of men’s mental health
  • Productivity is key!
  • How to approach a poor leader
  • What makes a good boss


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