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Aug 17, 2020

John Mew is a military veteran, Ex forces PTI and Field Gunner who was on HMS Coventry 38 Years ago when she was bombed and sank in 20 min.  An advocate for mental health and a dedicated fundraiser. 

John is joined by his friend Polly Brennan, founder of Adventurous Coaching & creator of The Mental Fitness Kitbag™ Model.  Polly teaches strategies to strengthen mental health & wellbeing.

Ian, Polly & John talk about;

  • Mental fitness - managing our mental health
  • Having a 'mental kit bag'
  • Challenges they've faced
  • Coping with PTSD
  • Turning challenges into opportunities 
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with positive people
  • John's poem

Whist on lock-down because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ian Farrar wanted to create something special for the listeners.

Ian live streamed (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) for three hours on the 19th June 2020 and interviewed 6 of his friends back to back!

We have edited those videos and created bonus podcast episodes.

The original videos can be watched again on the respective social media platforms.

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