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Sep 19, 2023

Entrepreneurs helping to improve communities across South Tyneside are to receive a welcome funding boost.  The Social Enterprise Boost (SEB) Fund will provide grants of up to £10,000 to the borough’s social entrepreneurs!

Delivered by Project North East (PNE), the programme aims to kick-start and accelerate social enterprises in South Tyneside. This will include the provision of finance to those already improving their communities through their work and those with aspirations of following in their footsteps.


Hear from;

Melissa Middleton - business support coordinator at PNE provides an overview of the Social boost programme

Lisa Cryer - founder of Jarrow-based BlueJay Wellness CIC talks about her business journey. Delivering yoga, mindfulness and science courses to young people in schools across South Tyneside, BlueJay Wellness has itself received supported from PNE and South Tyneside Council in the past and Lisa believes the Social Boost programme will be key to encouraging more people to set up and grow their own social enterprises.

Judith Wheatley - business adviser from Tedco who also offer free start-up support to would-be entrepreneurs across the borough.

AND a few of our amazing third sector heroes, based here in the borough!


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