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Jan 8, 2021

Luke Szyrmer has managed or participated in remote only knowledge work teams for almost a decade. Most recently, he lead a program of approximately 30 distributed across 13 time zones and 8 different locations.

Over the last 9 years, Luke has led teams building software, running marketing and sales, and launched a bestselling book. Remotely. In many cases, with people he never met or spoke to in person.

Now that everyone has been thrust into a similar situation, he is keen on helping other leaders come to grips with this pandemic, by sharing what has worked well for him in the past.

Luke is also the author of #1 bestseller Launch Tomorrow, and new book Align Remotely, How to Achieve Together, When Everybody is Working from Home, as well as having an Align Remotely podcast.


In celebration of MicroBiz Matters Day, Ian Farrar live streamed (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) with friend of the show, Luke Szyrmer.


Ian & Luke discuss;

  • What made Luke want to write Align Remotely
  • Embracing going remote
  • Kids basically being ‘forced to work like adults’
  • How to be productive
  • Tips on staying positive with your team
  • Designing a way & schedule that fits for everyone
  • The secret tool to innovating online
  • Managing your energy
  • Engaging everyone on virtual meetings
  • Keeping yourself motivated
  • Importance of looking after your physical health


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