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Nov 27, 2020

Carl Buckley is the MD at Urban River, a branding and digital marketing/website agency in Northern England, an experienced Marketeer, School governor, Business mentor and Non exec - "helping businesses to market themselves better" and to avoid doing the wrong thing really well.

No fluff, just a straight talking listener with over 30 years business and 18 years marketing experience helping businesses to understand how they can make more of their business and how they can improve their overall presence both on and offline.


Ian & Carl discuss;

  • Not letting your business run you
  • Importance of switching off
  • Carl's way of switching off
  • What Carl does in his business to ensure culture
  • How technology is used at Urban River
  • All businesses being the same – Microbusiness, SMEs, PLCs
  • Communication is KEY
  • What Carl’s proud of within Urban River
  • Different people’s views in business
  • Importance of leaders showing praise to staff
  • Carl’s best & worst piece of advice


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