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Nov 13, 2020

Growing up in the Lake District, Steve relentlessly pursued a career in adventure sports. A former professional national team skier, ski coach and an accomplished professional paraglider pilot - he lived in the Alps for over 10 years which saw him develop an anglo/french adventure sports school which covered snowsports, paragliding and climbing. His career subsequently took him to Scandinavia for 4 years where he worked in publishing and also coached elite level ski racers in Norway (he was also invited to tour with a Norwegian pro Telemark demo team).

Also a trained designer with a background of working with reputable outdoor brands, Steve worked with branding and design teams for over 20 years.  He has recently been invited to be an honorary lecturer at the University of Cumbria, Business School.

Currently he sits on the board of directors for the respected Kendal Mountain Festival – the world’s premier gathering for outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts. Steve looks after UK and International business partnerships and is one of the main presenters on-stage for key events and interviews.


Ian & Steve discuss;

  • The ‘Oscars of Outdoor Film’
  • Planning the Kendal Mountain Festival around Covid-19
  • Plans for the Festival in the future
  • The opportunities that going online has unlocked
  • Steve’s journey
  • Passion for Graphic design
  • Skiing in Norway
  • Speakers this year on the festival
  • A virtual base camp
  • The theme for this year – Nurture


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