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Aug 10, 2020

Tim spent over 30 years in the Royal Marines, leaving in 2013 as a Major General. During his career in uniform, he led marines on operations in Northern Ireland, The Falkland Islands, West Africa, The Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as on peacekeeping duties under a UN mandate and was recognised twice for his leadership, being made an MBE in 1995 and OBE in 2003. He also fulfilled appointments in policy and operational requirements within the joint community, and served overseas in both The Netherlands and in the British Embassy, Washington DC. Latterly, he spent over 5 years in the John Lewis Partnership, characterised by leading significant change in a highly volatile and very fast-moving sector in roles spanning from front-line retail, through eCommerce to the distribution network. Tim has extensive experience in successfully leading teams to deliver against challenging requirements.


Ian & Tim speak about;

  • Spending 30 years in the forces to going into business
  • The Victa Craft
  • New technology behind the project
  • Working with people globally & understanding their cultures
  • The success of their marketing
  • Preparing for the build of the Victa
  • How the Victa is different to similar technology
  • Launching an innovative product


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