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Ian Farrar your host & founder.

May 31, 2020

Ian Farrar LIVE streamed a conversation from the UK with LA based Barney Waters.

Barney is the President of K-Swiss, the American athletic shoe brand based in downtown Los Angeles.

The interview discussed;-

  • Offers as a result of the decline in retail during Covid-19
  • Seasonal stock
  • Barneys carer path
  • Changes of ownership
  • Sporting brand ambassadors
  • Dominance and the need for a niche
  • Youth idols, musicians and rappers
  • Focussing on the entrepreneur
  • Workplace outfits
  • Company transparency
  • Connecting with customers
  • Personalising your brand
  • What do you look for in an employee
  • The number one thing you do for a great culture
  • Mentorship
  • Overly Communicating
  • Kenny powers viral campaign
  • What makes a successful marketing campaign strategy
  • How to target a heritage brand
  • Entrepreneurship is a mindset
  • Company Book Club
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Leaving your competitors size against them… the Judo Principle

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