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Ian Farrar your host & founder.

Jun 28, 2018

Show Notes;

We are a community of reputable wellbeing experts both locally and nationally that are working to educate, treat and support as many people as we can across the world. Making complementary health, alternative medicine and spiritual guidance affordable and accessible to all people.

Pushing our Crowdfund campaign along with the hashtag #POWEROFTHEPOUND

Crowdfund link -

Ian and Owen discuss;

  • Owens why
  • Complimentary therapy
  • The NHS approach
  • Therapists approach
  • Making therapy available for all
  • The clinic service
  • The Health Hero members
  • Raising funds to top up the therapy
  • Crowdfunding #powerofthepound
  • Companies helping the cause
  • Sacrifice at the start of a business
  • Creating a team
  • Nourishing yourself, meditation, exercising
  • A client case study
  • Opinions don’t change the world, ideas do
  • Owen’s life threatening illness