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Ian Farrar your host & founder.

Dec 16, 2017

Andreas is the founder of Nibble Apps.  The team is behind some of the best selling Food and Drink apps for iPhone and iPad.
Their most recent success is the FitMenCook app, which became a number 1 Food and Drink app in 82 countries.

Beyond apps, Andreas is a believer in creating liveable cities and promotes cycling through

Ian and Andreas discuss:

  • Surveying/questioning customers to shape an app
  • Sharing ideas for customer feedback
  • Collaborating with partners with existing audiences
  • Outperforming Snoop Dog 
  • iOS & Android strategies
  • Outsourcing development to Poland
  • Company structures and dynamics
  • Strategy for hitting the app store charts
  • Scale up
  • Future roadmap
  • Audience Questions

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