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Aug 3, 2017

After meteoric success in academia, Danusia quickly became an Economic and Social Research Council Fellow and rose to a senior level as an Organizational Behaviour and Development expert. As an international career academic, she became a leadership model theoretician publishing countless articles in top refereed business journals. 


After leaving the world of academia as a tenured academic, her strong sense of purpose propelled her into becoming the reigning authority on C-level execs and Boards. Through her C-suite consulting Danusia influences the way Boards strategise, redirects company vision, reignites C-suiters influence and re-aligns their leadership prowess. Her clients include Microsoft, Mars, Sainsbury's, ICBC Standard Bank, Ministry of Defence, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Isle of Man Government, The Home Office, as well as various industry associations.


She has chaired an Oxford Union debate with Germaine Greer and Helena Morrissey on 'Can you Have it All?' and is a regular contributor on future C-level business changes/trends, cultivating women's leadership and the age old debate about women's careers and family. As well as being an authority on all things “C-suite” she is also mother of ten including 'her last baby', triplets of four years old. 


Three decades of experience as an ambitious mother in male dominated industries compelled her to create the online platform Unstoppable Mothers (launching August 2017). Unstoppable Mothers is a social change movement for ambitious and accomplished women navigating their journey of career success and happy children. Her forthcoming book, UNSTOPPABLE (2018) equips working mothers with skills and strategies of Unstoppability to counter the impacts of, what Danusia calls, the MotherStopper culture.

Ian & Danusia discuss:-

  • Pioneering academic research on sex shop cultures
  • Working as a c-suite consultant
  • Being a mother of ten and carving a career
  • The project - launching August 11th 2017

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