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Apr 19, 2017

Hi, I’m Lawrence Mitchell: I’m a health enthusiast, health and business coach, author, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, investor, and I founded Raw Energy back in 2013 as a platform to help people take back control of their health, feel and look great, and think more clearly.
Having worked in fast moving and forever changing corporate environments for over 20 years, I learnt early that in order to survive and thrive, I had to focus resources on maintaining my health and building my resilience.

To be honest, my interest for healthy living didn’t start until my early 20s. At 19 years of age, I was overweight, lethargic and confused. I was anxious and full of self doubt. What I had, though, was a supportive family, good friends and a drive and determination to look better, feel better and think more clearly at some point in the future. So I lived my life in the now: eating fast foods, drinking alcohol, going to bed late and smoking a lot. I ignored the pains in my chest and kept thinking, someday I’ll change.

Someday came one day in May when I was 24 years of age. I can’t quite explain what happened, but that day sitting on the beach in Western Ireland, gave me a premonition of my future self. It wasn’t a pretty vision and scared me enough to motivate me to start to make some significant changes to my lifestyle habits which changed the whole path of my life. I focused my attention on studying the pros and cons of the many different nutritional theories out there from high carbs to low carbs, raw food to paleo and everything in between, devoting hours and hours of time to answer the simple question: what is the best diet for health and longevity?

As I learnt, my confidence grew, my grocery shopping became easier and I got great results: sustained weight loss, better sleep, higher resilience, increased energy.

Over the last few years, my focus has evolved from supporting my physical wellbeing only, to building my mental and emotional resilience, a key skill required as a leader in a forever changing, people-intense corporate environment where I moved from one transition to another, and found myself in the middle of countless perfect storms.

In 2012, I trained as a health coach to help others create their own lifestyle systems, and in 2014, recognised the need to coach my whole organisation to health. This resulted in the award-winning RBI Living Well programme, a corporate wellbeing programme that supported 3,000 employees through education, data and community initiatives.

At Raw Energy, everything we do is underpinned by our philosophy and set of values. We believe that anyone can transform their health, their wellbeing and their whole lives by making some simple changes to their lifestyle and putting in proper mechanisms and tools to help them succeed.

Ian and Lawrence Discuss:-

  • Company habits
  • Wellbeing tool kit
  • Walk & Talk meetings
  • Food is the foundation
  • Corporate wellbeing programme
  • Fulfillment & Resilience
  • Success without Stress
  • Healthy Habits
  • Data blood results

Lawrence can be found at

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Book - Success without Stress: How to prevent burnout and build resilience for optimal health and wellbeing:

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