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Apr 26, 2016

The Ultimate Triathlon - Climb, Row, Cycle.

On 1st February 2014, James became the first and only person to have rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully summited Mount Everest and cycled 18,000 miles around the world.

Seven years prior to this, he was recovering from a serious motorcycle accident that left him with broken legs as well as a severely broken and dislocated ankle. The prognosis was that he was likely to suffer a permanent walking impairment and would certainly not be able to continue the active physical lifestyle he had enjoyed up to that point.

James has continued pushing boundaries and in 2015 attempted to row 4,000 miles across the Indian Ocean with his Epileptic rowing partner. Their aim was to prove that despite having Epilepsy or a disability there is no barrier to pursuing ones goals. Two hundred and fifty miles offshore James’ rowing partner sustained a head injury resulting in a full-scale ocean rescue that was global news. James found himself clinging to a rope ladder on the side of a 100,000-ton crude oil tanker as he climbed to safety in storm force winds.

James has raised tens of thousands of pounds for his chosen charities as he has climbed, rowed, and cycled his way around the world!

James is also a keen supporter of Scouting and is a Scouting Ambassador.

Ian and James Ketchell discuss:-

  • Rowing the Atlantic - how to break it down
  • Climbing Everest - Keeping your head
  • Cycling around the world, speaking at schools & meeting people en route
  • Obtaining Sponsorship from Nandos
  • His new rowing around Britain project #gbrow 
  • The new book 'Ultimate Triathlon'

James can be found at

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Durham and England cricketer Phil will be working tirelessly this year to raise money for his chosen charities: The Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, The Chronicle Sunshine Fund, and The PCA Benevolent Fund.

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